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ProShield Epoxy

We offer a standard 3-year product replacement warranty with the option to extend it to
5 years.

Our standard 3-year product warranty is dependant on specific requirements that need to be met by the DIY applicator as per our Application Instructions (Quality Checklist to be completed).

Our 5-Year Warranty extension will require the client to submit regular water-test reports. After registration for this option we will send e-mail reminders to the client on a six-monthly basis.

Please complete the Warranty Registration form below. You will receive further instructions by email. 


3-Year Warranty Requirements


Ensure Installation Quality


In order for us to confirm our product was correctly applied, we ask that a Quality Checklist (last pages of the Application Instruction Manual) be completed and submitted to us together with all supporting photos


Water Testing

Ensure Water Quality


  Corrosiveness of your pool water has an impact on the life span of your pool lining. As such we require that a test report including Alkalinity, pH and Calcium hardness of the pool water be submitted for our review and record keeping



Extended 5-Year Warranty Requirements


Regular Inspection


  Regular inspection of the pool lining for signs of chalking and knowing what to do next will allow you to act quickly and ensure a longer lifespan of your pool lining


Water Testing

Maintain Water Quality


  We will remind you to submit a water test report indicating the Alkalinity, pH and Calcium hardness (Total hardness) levels of your pool water every six (6) months



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