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DURING 1997, being a pool owner for many years, I had enough of the constant troubles keeping a marble plastered swimming pool clean and shiny.  I tried re-painting my swimming pool with of-the shelve cement/water-based "pool paint" with disastrous results and having to constantly remove the little paint chips cluttering my filter system for the next year or two. Normal pool paints available of-the-shelve just didn't seem to be a trustworthy solution.

The following year, a friend visited me who has just started a business, manufacturing a new breakthrough-technology epoxy coating product. He showed me the test results and told me that this  technology is targeted for coating the hulls of large sea vessels.  I thought:  "If this could work on ship's hulls in the harsh conditions of the ocean, why not on my swimming pool?"   

My Swimming Pool PaintedWe started testing the swimming pool paint and the results were amazing. We started marketing the product to home-owners. This cost-saving solution offered to swimming pool owners soon developed into a family business.

Disaster struck a few years later when the factory supplying the epoxy paint closed down due to a split in partnership. It left us without a good product. I knew back then that this sought-after solution couldn't be left to fade away. My swimming pool was a breeze to maintain with the gloss, enamel epoxy paint and this cost-effective solution could revolutionize the swimming pool refurbishing industry!

We tried other epoxy pool paint products from a few other so-called swimming pool epoxy manufacturers, trying one product after the other, costing us thousands in "school fees". The quality was just not what we had before. After-sale service and support was almost non-existent. The formulations were rather old technology targeted for the epoxy floor-coating industry and it did not perform well under constant submerged conditions, let alone working with these products in an outdoor environment with potential rain contamination.

After months of research and with the help of technical advisors from internationally acclaimed chemical companies, I started implementing the latest technologies available in the epoxy industry with latest water-resistant epoxies hardeners and additives. With the new formulations we were successful in overcoming the many problems relating to: