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Swimming Pool Calculators




Use the calculator below to determine the surface area of your swimming pool

Enter the measurements of your pool in the calculator fields below in metres

Depth - deep end

  m  (e.g. 1.7)

Depth - shallow end   m  (e.g. 0.9)

Average depth

 Calculator 1

Elongated / Rectangular Shapes
Rectangular Pic ?

Length       m  (e.g 7.5)

Width        m  (e.g. 3.5)

 Area        m2

Volume   KL

Calculator 2

Round & Complex Shapes

Round Pic?



Area         m2

Volume   KL


If you are satisfied with the results obtained from the calculator above, you may close this window and return to the quote request form. Remember the Area (m2) calculated.

Need help with the pool size calculator? Then follow these steps:

Roughly determine the nearest basic shape of your pool eg. rectangular, square, circle, oval or complex - Show me how 

  • Rectangular, elongated and square shape pools are more accurately calculated by using average length and width calculator.
    (Use calculator 1 above) - Help

  • Round, oval and other complex shaped pools are more accurately calculated by measuring the circumference.
    (use calculator 2 above) - Help

  • Enter the numeric values in the white spaces above in meters


    If the length of the pool is measured as 8.2 meters, enter the numeric value 8.2 
    Measure the depth in the deep and as well as the shallow end
    Measure from the floor to the bottom-edge of the mosaic tiles
    Enter the values in meters e.g. if the depth at the shallow end is measured as 900mm or 90cm, enter the numeric value in meters = 0.9
    Enter the deep end also in meters eg. - 1.2


To calculate how much calcium chloride your swimming pool requires to increase the
calcium hardness
, choose the increase you want and enter the volume of your
swimming pool. (Use the calculator above to calculate the volume of your pool)

Volume of pool in Kilolitres

,000 litres
Desired increase in calcium hardness
(Typical 200-300ppm)

Kg of calcium chloride is required