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Bladder Tank mesh tank

20 KL Inflatable bladder tanks or mesh tanks can be hired from our affiliated contractor A&L Maintenance.

Exclusive pricing for clients who bought an epoxy pool paint system from
Pool Solutions or A&L Maintenance. (Available in Pretoria and Johannesburg Regions Only)

All costs below are payable in cash when the contractor from A&L Maintenance arrives to deploy the tank and empty the swimming pool:

Refundable Deposit               R 2000 (We refund in cash on the day of refilling the pool)
Tank rental                                  R 1750 per 7day period (R250/day) (Minimum rental time is 7 days)
R   750 per 7 day period for each additional tank required (R107/day)



Trading hours: Monday to Fridays 08h00-17h00

Contact details:

Attie Fourie

A & L Maintenance

PRETORIA, JOHANNESBURG, Kempton Park, Springs, Brakpan, Midrand, Kyalami

083 6072 798 
079 094 7545





1. The client must ensure before ordering that a level space within 15m from the swimming is     available for each 7m x 4m (20KL) tank footprint required

2. The client must prepare and clean the area to ensure it is free of sharp objects like sticks     and rocks that may damage the tank

3. The tanks can be deployed in a nearby garage or other in-house area but will be at the     client's risk in case of a water leak, tearing or damage of the tank

4.  The client will ensure that no children, dogs, cats or workers etc. are allowed nearby the      tank during the full deployment period

5. Deployment, emptying of the swimming pool, refilling the swimming pool and removal of     the tank will only be handled by our deployment team, this is compulsory to ensure peace     of mind to all clients that the tank deployed at your premises was inspected by us and is     in trustworthy, sound condition

6. Full costs and the deposit as indicated above for the intended period of use must be paid     in cash on deployment date. 

The refund of the R 2000 deposit is subject to the following:                  
            a. Our team will deploy the tank, fill the tank and empty the tank, the client is not                 allowed to fill, empty or move the tank during deployment, and any such action                 will void the refund.

            b. The tank must be found in the same condition as when deployed and inspected                 by both our team and the client during deployment. The should be without any                 leaks or damage.  Any damage will be accesses by our team and a full or partial                 refund will be decided upon at our sole discretion and within reasonable terms.                  Please ensure that that a representative is available during deployment to inspect                 the tank after filling and note any damage or defects if applicable is indicated on                 the acceptance form that will be presented by our team manager.

8.  The renting and scheduling of water tanks is subject to availability.  We currently  have      10 tanks available.


Pool Solutions, there affiliates, contractor and dealers, or any personnel of said organisations will not be liable in any way for water loss, damage to property, injury, death or any claim whatsoever that may arise as an indirect or direct result of renting a water storage tank from us.  An indemnity and inspection form must be signed by both the client and our team manager on the day of deployment before the deployment team leaves the premises and after filling the tank.

Who to contact

Attie Fourie
A & L Maintenance
(Listed 2014)

PRETORIA, JOHANNESBURG, Kempton Park, Springs, Brakpan, Midrand, Kyalami 083 6072 798 
079 094 7545






Determine the volume capacity or area of your swimming pool. Enter the measurements of your pool in the calculator fields below in metres

Depth - deep end

  m  Example: 1.7

Depth - shallow end   m  Example: 0.9
Average depth

 Calculator 1

Square or Rectangular Shape

Length     m

Width        m

 Area        m2

Volume   Kl

Calculator 2

Oval, Round or
Complex Shape


Area         m2

Volume   Kl


Need help with the pool size calculator? Then follow these steps:

Roughly determine the nearest basic shape of your pool eg. rectangular, square, circle, oval or complex - Show me how 

  • Rectangular, elongated and square shape pools are more accurately calculated by using average length and width calculator.
    (Use calculator 1 above) - Help

  • Round, oval and other complex shaped pools are more accurately calculated by measuring the circumference.
    (use calculator 2 above) - Help

  • Enter the numeric values in the white spaces above in meters


    If the length of the pool is measured as 8.2 meters, enter the numeric value 8.2 
    Measure the depth in the deep and as well as the shallow end
    Measure from the floor to the bottom-edge of the mosaic tiles
    Enter the values in meters e.g. if the depth at the shallow end is measured as 900mm or 90cm, enter the numeric value in meters = 0.9
    Enter the deep end also in meters eg. - 1.2