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Optional Products Available with DIY Packages
Pool Paint
  Description Price Select Qty
Pool Patch Underwater Pool Patch 5Kg
Repairs and filling of cracks and holes in marble plaster, cement plastered or concrete pools
R 415 / 5Kg
PCT56 Water Barrier
PCT 56 Water Barrier Agent - (5L can)
Recommended to to apply on swimming pools where high ground water tables are present or dampness is pressing through from outside reverse osmosis).  Spray-on with garden sprayer, will be absorbed into
the surface to form crystallized barrier.  Definitely recommended for use on newly constructed brick/concrete/cement plastered pools as a precaution. 5L per 35m2
R 430 / 5L
P16 Discs P16 Fiber grinding disc (Optional)
1 per 10m2 will by default will be included FREE with all DIY orders
Additional grinding discs to prepare pool surface and remove loose algae and smooth marbelite surface
R 28
Semi-flex C16 paint removal grinding disc
Very course, ventilated grinding disc to remove old paint layers.
1 per 15m2 required

R 85
M14 Rubber backing M14 Flexidisk Backing Disc
230mm angle grinder support rubber backing disc to support P16
fiber discs
R 230
Brush and Rollers

Paint brush and roller set
(4 x Brushes, 4 x rollers and roller handle)
You will require 1 set per paint applicator/worker

We have upgraded this set to the higher quality white mohair type
100mm rollers and good quality brushes that will not leave fibers behind



R 220/ set

iKleen7 Tile Cleaner 1L (new)
Highly concentrated, non-toxic, skin-friendly detergent for cleaning Mosaic tiles. Use undiluted for heavy dirt and calcium scaling or 3:1 (water:SK7). For general household use/degreaser, can be diluted up
to 10:1. Very effective and user-friendly. Locally developed, tested
and approved as a safe product.


R 85 / 1L Bottle  
Spike Shoes Spiked Paint Shoes
Strap-on soles with 25mm spikes to walk on wet epoxy while applying top-coat on wet primer coat. Makes the job much easier and prevents slipping on wet paint.
R 350 /

Glass beads Glass Beads for Non-slip -150g
400-800 micron glass, star beads that can be sprinkled on wet
topcoat to create a non-slip finish on steps etc. (150g will be sufficient for up to 20m2)
R 85 / Bottle
PAint Mixing Tool Mixing Tip (60mm x 350mm)
Use with electric drill to properly mix epoxy liquids.
R 60
             Insta TEst 6 Water Test strips

Insta Test 6 Plus - 50 Water Test Strips
Test your swimming pool water chemical conditions within 2 seconds. Test for Chlorine, pH, Alkalinity, Acid demand, Total Hardness. Total Hardness or Calcium Hardness tests are essential to prevent chalking due to Low Hardness.

R 230 / Bottle
Calsium Chloride

Calcium Chloride Flakes 4Kg (Important!)
Important addition to water after filling the pool to restore calcium levels. Calcium (Total Hardness) should be lifted to between 350ppm and 550ppm to prevent chalking of the epoxy layer and early
end-of-life of the coating.

Please calculate your requirement here:
Calcium requirement

Estimate requirement 4Kg / 20Kl

R 120 /4Kg
GAtor Pool Skimmer Gator Pool Skimmer
The best pool skimmer in the world. No maintenance, no bags, fits in line with pool cleaner pipe. Deposit debris into weir basket.
R 599
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Swimming pool paint

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