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A tough and durable 4-LAYER Pool-Coat system formulated by Pool Solutions Epoxy Coatings. Available in DIY pool paint kits or with full application in areas where we have registered contractors. We offer a standard
warranty and an extended 5-year warranty option to our DIY customers!

Special Offer to DIY customers

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Painted Swimming Pools

Dear Swimming Pool Owner,

If you are tired of scrubbing that rough, stained surface that is probably scratching the skin of from your children's toes, and own a swimming pool that has lately been looking attractive only to the nearby frog colony, we have the Epoxy Pool Paint solution for you.

Our products are founded on the latest available technology and on-going development, testing epoxy formulations specially targeted for submerged conditions. Our track record speaks for itself and have worked successfully for more than 30 000 swimming pool owners since 1998.

Ranking at the top in the Home Improvements Industry at Hellopeter.com with 5 star-ratings all around by our customers, you can rest assured you are dealing with a trustworthy company and an established product in an industry riddled with pitfalls.

Available Colours:

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Swimming Pool Paint Colours

Visit our photo gallery page for real life examples: Painted Swimming Pool Photos

ProShield Epoxy Pool Paint

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Although we can refer you to a registerred contractor/dealer in most areas, the DIY enthusiast can save a bundle with a modern user-friendly epoxy technology that offers the following advantages:

epoxy pool coating system

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Shopping for the best swimming pool epoxy paint? Then ask the right questions:

  • Non-blushing technology. Immediate application with no stabilisation time (induction) required after mixing the A and B components, saving valuable time to beat the weather.
    ("Blushing" refers to the tendency of some polymers to form a wax-like substance in the presence of air due to moist absorbtion, causing white spots or streaks in the paint layer when it comes in touch with water).

  • Rain-safe within 3-4 hours. Early water-spot resistance means that even if it rains on the newly applied epoxy coat later in the day, the coating will not be damaged or suffer discolouring.

  • One or Two-day application is possible. Over-coating of primer and/or top-coat layers is possible after two hours allowing a quick two-day application. However, the applicator may choose to let any layer dry overnight or longer time spans and over-coat the next day or even a week later. This flexibility means you can schedule the project to suit your needs.

  • Quick drying: 7 hours to touch-dry (above 20 deg C) means the coating will be less prone to dust, insects and or possible rain contamination.

  • A Primer layer with three top-coat layers for maximum lifespan. Because the lifespan of a coating is related to the TOP-COAT thickness, we offer a solution with one primer application followed by no less than THREE top-coat layers to ensure proper colour-coating thickness and thus a longer lifespan. Based on conservative history data, an average lifespan of 8 to 10 years can normally be achieved by most clients with regular water maintenance habits. Usable lifespan of up to 15 years have been reported (see references on the right).

  • WET-SMART primer epoxy (optional on request) is a water-replacement and water-reactive technology that will bond even with damp and moist-filled surfaces. This reduces the risk of delamination due to water-dilution primer or lack of penetration and bonding to a wet substrate.

See our DIY section below for more information.

This is the easiest and most cost-effective solution for resurfacing and repairing your swimming pool with long-lasting results. It is available in DIY Pool Paint packages; or we can refer you to one of our experienced contractors to do the pool repair and resurfacing for you.


Prevent an expensive mistake!

Facts you should verify before buying in this market:

  • We have a proven track record, selling into the swimming pool market under the same registered company name for more than 22 years and references dating back to 2000, see some of our references on the right and at Hellopeter.com

  • This website was registered in 2002. The warranty period we offer is real-world related and not a marketing gimmick.

  • If a company's latest marketing name or website exists for a period less than their warranty offering period- well, you decide what that is worth...
    Website creation dates can be verified at http://co.za/whois.shtml.

We encourage you to verify the reputation of swimming pool paint products at

You will notice the following type of listings:

The Good    =  4 - 5 star ratings                               
The New     =  No listing, no ratings                          
The Ugly     =  1 - 2 star ratings                               


Our Epoxy Pool Paint offers all the benefits
at an affordable price

Cost less than marbelite or fibreglassSave thousands. Why re-apply marble plaster or fiberglass just because your swimming pool is stained? You can get excellent results with a durable, decorative Epoxy Pool Paint at a much lower cost. Pool renovation is now easier than ever before;  even touch-up repairs at any stage require less effort than other lining options – at a fraction of the cost! Choosing our DIY Pool Paint solution can save you even more. Please note that a solid, non-brittle and strong surface is still required to sustain the epoxy pool paint layer. 

Rain SaveRain resistant within 3 hours after application (25 ˚C). With a little bit of research you can save yourself from a potential disaster, especially during the rainy season. Ensure you enquire about this specification when buying any product (read the datasheet or application instructions if available). Traditional indoor floor epoxy solutions sold as swimming pool paint are simply not up to par. Rain will not damage our product after a few hours of drying, thereby avoiding pigment wash or discolouring (8 hours of drying may be required during the winter for the coating to become rain resistant). Our product was developed for 24/7x365 submerged conditions and quick waterspot resistance.

No green algae growth, no black algaeNo more scrubbing and shock treating the pool. You can now enjoy 100% resistance against algae stains. Algae will not cling to this enamel gloss pool paint. Algae growth is therefore drastically reduced, and the water can be kept clear and blue with less effort.

Lower maintenance cost, less chemicals
Pool Maintenance Is Now Easier Than Ever. Normal HTH Swimming pool chemicals, pool acids, and recommended products can be added directly into the pool without the fear of staining the epoxy paint layer. See our FAQ page for recommendations on chemicals that will prolong the life-span of the product.

Clear pool, easier to keep clean
A Beautiful Sparkling Pool for many fun-filled summers. The expected lifetime of our pool paint epoxy is 8-10 years under well-maintained water conditions. Under more severe conditions and with salt-chlorinators, its lifespan can be reasonably expected to be around 5-6 years. However, touching up is cost-effective; when the paint layer starts to wear thin, re-applying two new top-coat layers is all that is required. As a testament to the quality of our product, our first test-pool was coated in 1997, and was still covered in its original coating when we re-visited it in 2008. (More details about our history further below.) Also see other testimonials of our satisfied clients on the right side of this page; some of whom reported up to 15 years of product performance.
Less swimming pool chemicals due to less algae
Save 50%-70% On Chemicals. Maintenance is a breeze with an epoxy-coated swimming pool; in fact, you can keep your pool sparkly clean and blue with a simple HTH month pack floater and not worry about it any further. Many clients have reported a 50% saving on chemicals and pool maintenance costs. Our product can be used in conjunction with salt chlorinators set to the correct required dosage. See our FAQ page for more details.

Tougher than pool paint, less slippery than fibreglass
No More Bleeding Toes. Have you ever had to nurse your children’s bleeding toes after hours of playing in a marble-plastered swimming pool? They can now relax and play all day with this smooth, glossy epoxy pool paint system.  Have you ever slipped on a wet fiberglass pool?  Our pool paint epoxy, although glossy and shiny*, offers better grip to the skin than fiberglass. We can offer a micro-glass bead to broadcast on the steps to help create a non-slip area.

Please note: the product will be a bit slippery when newly applied due to the gloss finish, and care should be exercised when entering the pool. Our special Glass-beads can be applied on the step areas to create a non-slip finish.


Even our DIY clients can enjoy this peace of mind!

We offer our clients a standard 3-YEAR WARRANTY on our pool paint against de-lamination to ensure your peace of mind. The expected lifespan is historically proven to be 8 to 10 years in most cases, or even longer as reported by many of our existing customers whose testimonials are listed on this page. A further 5-YEAR extended WARRANTY is also available to anyone who may register online to become eligible - more.

That's not all; should you need to do pool repairs for whatever reason within the three year gauarantee period even if outside our guarantee conditions, we will replace the product for you at our factory cost level (no profit). We believe in friendly service and long-term customer support and once you are a customer, we hope you will stay our customer.

Our full guarantee and conditions can be viewed on the Warranty page.

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Give us the measurements of your pool, (+/- length, width avg. depth or circumference), we will quickly do the calculation and give you a price estimate. If you are interested in a full installation we will refer you to the nearest contractor who will follow up with a visit and a written quotation.

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For those who would like to know everything, please continue reading...

Can I do it myself?

DIY Promotion !!!

Order now and we will deliver your DIY kit at NO EXTRA CHARGE !
 (Within SA borders to main towns and cities, limited to pool sizes as per price list)

FREE Bonus included with DIY Orders:
Glass, spherical beads
(150-800micron) to treat steps and other shalloow areas as a non-slip precaution (200g)

You can save Heaps with our DIY Pool Paint packages

DIY Pool Paint Solution


Our pool paint factory is situated in Pretoria.
We will ship the package to your street address.

Our DIY instructions are very comprehensive and will be included in the package, or you may download it from the Downloads-page.



For DIY Help Videos and a short overview of the application process:

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DIY Pool Paint Repair - Do It Yourselve and Paint the pool!

Can I do it myself?

If you can answer YES 
to any ONE of the following questions, 
you can save a bundle by doing it yourself:





1. Can you handle a grinder (or sandpaper for fiberglass) to slightly float-grind the Surface and effectively paint with a roller and a paint brush?

Yes? You are truly an DIY Enthusiast!. Go ahead, you can do it.  Of course, you must be willing to face the sun while sweating it out in a slippery swimming pool.

Fill out the information request form and we will email you the application instructions right away.

Not for you? Let me suggest a few more options that might be available to you: 

2. Can you supervise one or two workers?

Then why wait? You are the DIY manager type. Save heaps and hire two workers to do the paint work.  Guide them step by step using our very detailed application instructions while sitting in the shade. We know everyone with a roller is an expert painter, but be sure you are watching and directing, this is not a normal paint job.

3. Do you know a friend or a family member who is a handyman?

Yes? You are the subcontracting type DIY enthusiast. If you are willing to pay for his services, any handyman would gladly take on this job. Make sure they read the manual, you read it too, be involved with every step. This is not the same as fibreglass or just any other paint they have used before.

Please note, for DIY installations:
We offer our clients a 3-YEAR PRODUCT REPLACEMEnT GUARANTEE on our product, subject to the completion of the Quality Checklist included in our DIY application instructions. When making use of your own private worker or contractor, you are responsible for the supervision and quality control. We do not cover the workmanship guarantee. The guarantee conditions as per the last page on our DIY application instructions are applicable to qualify for our 3-year product replacement guarantee.

Should you rather require the services of a registered contractor, see or applicators list below for a full installation quote including material and labour (with full three-year workmanship guarantee), or maybe opt for an experienced private worker (Brian) who has installed our product on more than 1500 swimming pools, contact us for his details. You buy the DIY materials and pay him for his labour. (Our product replacement guarantee is valid should you make use of his services.)


For a short overview of the application process: Click here

To get a price quickly: Click here

Our DIY package offers:

One tough, industrial-rated, solvent-free primer epoxy with a bonding strength of up to 400psi to the pool surface. (Our trade secret that has given us the edge.)

No less than THREE thick gloss top-coat layers ensuring a longer life span.
(4 layers in total including the primer layer)

We offer the epoxy paint material and additional hardware items to apply one primer coat and three gloss and chemical resistant top-coat layers for long-lasting durability.
Every layer consists of a two-part epoxy resin and hardener combination.

DIY Swimming Pool Epoxy Paint

   We can email you our  full application    instructions right away: Click Here.


    Download all the information directly to     your desktop: Click here


Latest Technology

Why a 4-layer system ?

Unfortuanately many one- or two-layer "quick-and-easy" solutions on offer are resulting in the pool paint market not having a good report in general as can be seen on hellopeter.com and numerous customers comming to us after losing there money on these short-lived solutions.

In general, the thicker the top-coat epoxy layer, the longer the lifespan of the coating. Whilst this a good feature offered by our three-layer top-coat system, the higher viscosity of a thick top-coat product offers less penetration capability into the substrate. A thick top-coat offers longer lifespan but lack the deep penetration into the substrate. This is why we utilize a specialized pentrating and water-repellent primer for penetration and bonding, followed by three durable topcoat layers.

Video: Bond-Strength Testing

Our epoxy system was tested to offer up to 400Psi (Pounds per square inch) or 2.8Mpa (Newton per square millimetre) bond strength to marblite, concrete, cement, and fibreglass surfaces, causing substrate breaking under test.

Don't settle for less!


Don't allow this to happen

Is your marble plaster pool suffering from water loss?  It could be that the pitting of the porous marble plaster structure has caused small holes where water is leaking through. Pitting, caused by severe algae growth and overdose of chemicals, might have softened the softer spots of the pool, allowing algae to penetrate deeper and deeper.

Pitting is a result of adding too much chemicals over a long period of time and the subsequent softening of the marble plaster. Another factor is aggressive water conditions due to LOW CALCIUM or "Total Hardness". If left untreated for too long, your pool can be permanently damaged and caused to leak. Swimming pool repairs can become an expensive exercise.  The pool below was repaired from severe pitting deterioration in 2000 and coated with our specialised epoxy pool paint.

Pitted and leaking wimming pool refurbished and coated


A Proven Product - The Test of Time

In 1997, our first epoxy pool paint product was applied on an old neglected pool. We re-visited the swimming pool in 2000, 2005, and 2008 to see how it was performing. After ten years, the swimming pool paint was still performing well. Look at how algae, accumulated on the steps and sides over a long period of time on spots where the pool cleaner never passes, could easily be wiped away by hand:

Swimming pool paint resistant to algae, an original fiberglass pool

Not all epoxies are the same

Before spending your hard-earned money on just any off-the-shelf pool paint or so-called swimming pool epoxy, at least do a little bit of homework.

The following are typical problems related to some of the non-specialised swimming pool paints available:

  • Lack of proper pentration and bond-strength typically related to epoxies/paints advertised as an easy-to-apply one- or two-layer solution. Some substrates are too dense to allow proper penetration by a top-coat-only solution. One-layer solutions (no primer) must found a compromise between coating thickness (higher-viscosity) and penetration ability (lower-viscosity). These generalised one- or two-layer solutions just can't offer the best of both worlds.

  • Extensive chalking and cracking after a few months due to lack of chemical- and UV-resistance. Some products originates from the floor epoxy industry and are sold as a swimming pool coating. These products will start to get powdery within 6 months and will eventually blister or crack, get plucked from the sides and deposited small chip pieces into the weir and pump filter, causing flow restrictions for years.

  • Fast colour fading and/or staining by water, chemicals and UV-radiation. If the product datasheet indicates that the product might suffer pigment-wash and discolouring by water, even after days of hardening, be aware! A product specifically developed for submerged conditions and for outdoor use should offer rain-resistance within hours. If the datasheet indicates the product can be discoloured by rain even after days of drying, the product is clearly not suitable for exterior application projects. Early water-resistance should be one of the main design qualities of the product.

Here are a few tips on how to make sure you buy a good product from a company that has stood the test of time:

  • First, ensure that you are dealing with a pool paint supplier that has a track record, offers a guarantee with long-term references up front, and has been operating under the same name (manufacturing epoxy paints for swimming pools, of course) for many years. Some pool paint suppliers claim that they have been in the market for 25 years plus, yet they cannot offer swimming pool client references older than 4 years. If their existing company name is less than five years old and they offer long warranties, the warranty period is cearly a marketing scam.

  • Obtain references that are at least as old as their advertised warranty period.

    Hot tip
    : Go check out the creation date of local website domains here: http://co.za/whois.shtml for .co.za domains. Enter the name of the website e.g., "poolsolutions" (the .co.za part will automatically be added, do not enter "www" at the front of the name). Search down the list and find the field "creationdate".
    For international .com domains, you can follow this link: http://whois.net
    If a website offering pool paints advertising pool existed for only a few years be careful of long term warranty claims!

  • Many swimming pool paint formulations have been inherited from traditional indoor floor coating formulations. In most cases these epoxy formulations have never been upgraded with better curing agents and protectors to provide a longer lifespan in the harsh environment of the permanently submerged and chemically-rich conditions of a swimming pool. See our UV and chemical tests on different products on our technical page.

We developed and finalised our own product formulation specifically for swimming pools by 2003, phasing out the bought-out products and replacing it with the latest technology in chemical-resistant and water resistant chemicals. This has greatly improved stain resistance, early waterspot resistance (no staining or pigment wash by rain after 3 hours of drying at 25 °C; 8-10 hours during colder winter conditions) and non-yellowing qualities as you can see on our Technical page. In 2007, we upgraded to the latest high-grade liquid colourants that offer 3-5 times the protection against UV-light radiation. In 2014 we again upgraded to the latest technology in resin and hardeners for submerged conditions. In September 2017 we introduced new technology to offer even better UV-resistance and colour stability even under adverse conditions. In September 2019 we further improved UV and chalk-resistance. We are constantly testing and improving our product with the latest technology as it becomes available.

  • We don't claim to have an indestructible product. It has limitations and an expected lifespan of 8-10 years (with a few customers reporting up to 15 years), depending on how it was applied and how the customer maintains his swimming pool water. We will compare our product to fiberglass linings and marble plaster, and tell you honestly what are the advantages and shortcomings of each. We will give you the facts – the choice is up to you, the customer. Each product type has its marketplace at a certain price level. Read the next section for a comparison.

Here we answer some common questions: FAQ

You can read more about our tests and developments on the Technical Page.

Comparing Paints, Marble Plaster, Fiberglass, and Epoxy Coatings


If you ask your local swimming pool shop owner about pool paints or epoxies, he/she might advise you to rather re-apply marble plaster or fibreglass.

First of all, we don't blame them! Many have had a bad experience with a DIY, one or two-layer, off-the-shelve paint product from a local hardware shop. There is, however, a huge difference between a single element paint and a two-part, specialised epoxy pool paint system. Our epoxy formulations are specialised combinations, consisting of no less than 15 different ingredients, carefully selected and measured to provide specific qualities specifically formulated for submerged surfaces. The final product consists of resin and hardener main components that chemically react and bind to form a hard, enamel finish.

Marble plaster

Marble plaster also referred to as mabelite is a thick strenghened cement type finish that is stong and can offer years of functional service.

The draw-back of marbelite is the commaon problems related the long-term appearance. The reason your pool got stained and lost its colour in the first place is due to the fact that marble plaster pools are, and always will be, prone to algae infestation. The more algae you see, the more you tend to add acid and other deterrents, softening and eating into the marble plaster to create even more microscopic space for the algae to settle and grow. It is an ever-increasing cycle that will keep on repeating itself. 

Applying marble plaster again will not solve the staining and colour loss problems in the longer term. It is a costly exercise for a temporary solution. 


Fiberglass, like an epoxy coat, is not prone to algae infestation. Although quite expensive, it can be a quality solution that can last for many years if installed by experienced and reputable fiberglass pool builders. It is recommended for good appearance, less water-maintenance problems and where possible structural movement might be a problem.

There are sometimes problems related to fiberglass linings, i.e., the accumulation of moist behind the fiberglass lining, especially where fiberglass is installed on existing structures, causing lifting of the lining from the base structure, in turn causing bubbles, cracking, and eventually leaks. This is a problem we have encountered many times. Considering the price tag on fiberglass linings, it can also be a costly exercise should it result in the total loss of the lining within a few years. When fiberglass is applied later on as an upgrade, the possibility of the top edge underneath the coping stone pulling away and allowing water to enter behind the lining also becomes a reality, posing the same problems mentioned above.

Epoxy paint

Epoxy paint coatings have the advantage that they cost far less to apply, are easy to repair, and can even be applied as a very cost-effective DIY solution. Epoxy coatings can easily be refurbished by re-applying two new top layers at 50% or less compared to the original full installation cost; even less (approx. 25% of original installation cost) if you re-apply it yourself as a DIY job.

General maintenance on an epoxy-coated pool is a breeze, with reduced algae growth requiring less chemicals to maintain water clarity. For best results and a longer lifespan, the swimming pool water should generally be kept within balance and should be tested at least once a month.

Limitations: the ageing process on the epoxy coating is a gradual thinning of the coating. After a normal life expectancy of 8-10 years of service, you will notice the substrate or primer layer starting to show through in certain spots; then it is time to re-apply two new and thick top-coats. Re-application if you do it yourself can be done for approximately 25% of the original installation cost.

Although our product is well-tested and performs very well when the recommended chemicals are used to maintain the water, it is subject to damage by certain aggressive products that might reduce the lifespan or appearance. See our FAQ page for more information. As with all types of pool surfaces, attention should be given to test the Calcium Hardness (Total Hardness) after filling the pool. Total Hardness (Calcium content) readings below 350ppm might increase chalking of the paint and will reduce the lifespan. CAlcium Chloride flakes can be obtained from us and other outets and should be checked every 6 - 12 months.

A common enemy

A swimming pool enemy not many pool owners are aware of is low alkalinity and especially low Total Hardness (low Calcium Hardness). Staining and pitting on marble plastered pools, severe chalking of epoxy coatings, or discolouring and deterioration of fibreglass linings are often caused by low calcium levels. If this condition is not corrected and tested once in every 6 months, it will cause damage and even your epoxy-coated pool will be severely affected, reducing the lifespan of the product.

Testing the water every 6 months for "Total Hardness" will prevent the calcium levels to fall too low and the water to become aggressive towards the epoxy paint layer. Total hardness is also indicated on some water test strips (see picture below) and must be kept well between 350-550ppm regardless of swimming pool shops' recommendations. Ideal levels indicated on print-outs by water test machines are too low and not on par with the latest research findings. This is not a fluctuating condition and only needs to be checked after filling the swimming pool with fresh water.

The type of test strips shown below can test for "Total Hardness" and are available from Pool Solutions. The Insta Test 6 Plus test strips can be ordered to be included with your DIY epoxy paint package from Pool Solutions.

Water Test Strips

Visit our Calcium Chloride requirement calculator:

Calcium Chloride Calculator

The Difference Between Epoxy and Paint


A well-developed epoxy paint system consists of two main elements, namely an EPOXY RESIN and a CATALYST (HARDENER), as well as many other additives.  Our own product consists of no less than 14 different elements.  The combination of the two main binding elements does not rely on the evaporation of solvents or water to air-dry like most single element paint products.

Paints do not chemically form the molecular ring-bound structures that resist foreign element penetration into the coating. A true epoxy system will normally have an A- to B-part ratio of between 2:1 and 4:1. Our product has been tested on concrete and marbelite and offer bond-strengths of up to 400 psi (2.8 MPA), resulting in concrete substrate breakage under test.

It is a scientifically proven fact that large percentages of solvents or water in the formulation will adversely affect qualities like bonding capability, colour stability and penetration resistance to water and chemicals. These products are commonly found in normal paints or watered-down epoxy products. In a specialised epoxy system, chemical binding of the Catalyst molecules exactly weighted to match the molecular mass of the Resin part causes a chemical reaction which forms microscopic circular structures almost like a honeycomb structure. This circular formation is a thousand times stronger and thus less prone to penetration by water and chemicals, and, in our case, 100% immune to algae infestation. We offer a high-solids (90%) formulation with zero or very low solvent content (0-10%) in the top-coat.

An investment

Except for the enjoyment you and your family will get from of an aesthetically pleasing swimming pool, a well-looked-after swimming pool has also proved to be an important asset to any private property owner. 

Any estate agent will confirm that a swimming pool that is in bad shape is not an asset to your property value but, instead, a definite turn-off. Fact is, it will turn away many prospective buyers who just aren't ready for the hassles of owning a swimming pool that is in bad shape, or they might use it as a bargaining chip against you. 

A sparkling clean pool with crystal-clear water will tend to have that positive emotional influence on any potential buyer, especially if you tell them how it is possible to own a swimming pool without the normal frustrations. Use this to your advantage as a seller.

You need a quality pool paint epoxy to stop the ongoing deterioration of your pool. Don’t allow your investment to reduce in value. The money you spent to enhance the appearance of your swimming pool will be an investment that will return 300% or even a 500% of the amount invested in a quality epoxy coat. 

Change your swimming pool into an asset, adding value to your property.

The condition of your swimming pool has a direct influence on your property value.

For instance, if your pool is stained and looks like it is in need of constant attention, it might have an adverse effect on the price offered for the property. This is because a swimming pool is a high point-of-interest to any potential buyer.  On a property valued at R1.5m, your well-kept garden and good-looking pool contributes approximately R50 000 to the value.

But let's be very conservative: If your pool draws negative attention you can expect to loose R50 000 on the offer! If your pool will cost you R 8 000 to epoxy-coat (depending on the size, this is a general average), and you can get the full R1.5m for your property because you have a beautiful garden and the pool that looks inviting, the amount spent to refurbish your pool yielded a huge return on investment.

How to Order

Whether you choose a contractor/dealer to do the full installation or decide to make use of our DIY packages, you can save money:


We have already shown you:

  • How you can save thousands compared to fiberglass
  • How new marble plaster will not solve the problem; it is money wasted!
  • How you can increase your property value
  • How you will further save up to 50% on swimming pool chemicals
  • How easy it is to maintain your pool in an excellent condition without the frustrations and frequent maintenance
  • How algae infestation is prevented with our 100% immune epoxy coat
  • How you can easily apply the product yourself and save even more

You can spend hours walking from pool shop to pool shop trying to find the magic chemicals that will transform your pool into a crystal-clear sparkling pool. But doesn't it make a lot more sense to skip the learning curve and get to the root of the problem?

Click here to order a DIY package or to request an Email quotation.

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will be de-listed from our reference list.

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Attie Fourie
A & L Maintenance
(Enlisted 2014)

PRETORIA, JOHANNESBURG Randburg, Roodepoort, Midrand, Kyalami, Centurion, Alberton, Edenvale, Benoni
Boksburg, Springs
Nigel, Delmas, Lenasia 
Randfontein, Vereeniging, Van Der Bijl Park, Sasolburg, Parys, Heidelberg
083 607 2798
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Gys Schwim
(Listed 2020)
Rustenburg, Magaliesburg, Hartebesstpoort, Brits 0827715220
Henry Correia
Silver Fountain Pools
(Enlisted 2021)
Scottsburgh, South Coast, Durban 066 3730 100
Robert Nicholls
(Enlisted 2016)
CAPE TOWN, Somerset West, Helderberg 072 397 3880

Du Toit Shreve
PS Contracting
(Enlisted 2019)

CAPE TOWN, Malmesbury, Paarl, Stellenbosch and surrounds 082 676 8382
Heyn de Jonge
Promilog Pools
(Enlisted 2021)

WESTERN CAPE, Garden Route, George to Jeffreys Bay 068 206 5700
Johan van der Westhuizen
Contrack Consulting
(Listed 2020)
Mosselbay, George, Stillbay, Sedgefield, Knysna 083 399 1072
Ruben Knoetze
Pretzen Pools and Renovations
(Enlisted 2015)
BLOEMFONTEIN, 300km radius, Kimberley, Potch,Klerksdorp 051 434 3344
076 8240 913
Cobus Kotze
SealPro Witbank
(Enlisted 2018)
WITBANK, Middelburg, Secunda, Bethal, Groblersdal, Belfast, Ermelo 060 435 9200
Marcell Smith
Msullas Engineering
(Enlisted 2021)
WITBANK, Middelburg and surrounds 067 050 1315
Sean Lyndsay
Pool Crew
(Listed 2019)
PORT ELIZABETH, Jeffreys Bay, Humansdorp, Cape Francis, Port Alfred, Grahamstown, Uitenhage 0828834694
Gerhard Nel
Engedi Mining & Construction (Pty) Ltd
(Enlisted 2021)
LYDENBURG, NELSPRUIT, Burgersfort, Steelpoort, Orighstad, Dullstroom, Belfast, , Sabie, Graskop, Witrivier, Hazyveiw 082 801 4346
Francois Tredoux
Pool & Garden East London
(Enlisted 2017)
EAST LONDON, Transkei,
PORT ELIZABETH, Jeffreys Bay, Humansdorp, Cape Francis, Port Alfred, Grahamstown
082 973 9791

Please note for DIY projects:
When making use of your own private worker/contractor to apply a DIY kit, the client is responsible for the supervision and quality control. We do not cover the workmanship guarantee. The guarantee conditions as per last page on our DIY application instructions are applicable to qualify for our 3-year or extended 5-year product replacement warranty.



Pool Solutions Factory


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I painted our pool with your product 11-years ago and it lasted a full 11-years.

We got quotes for fibreglass and re-marblite and was shocked to hear it would cost more than what we paid for our first home. We took a family decision to do it ourselves and use the money we save to go oversees. We did exactly that!

It was hard work but an absolute great and fun experience, bonded the family (also literally when the glue primer was painted with big laughs and slips)

Now when we drink that glass of red alongside an absolute pristine  pool,  the satisfaction and smug smiles just don't want to disappear.

Attie Lamprecht
DIY - 2005 & 2016

After 11 years (click to enlarge):
Pool Paint 11 Years

Re-painted Night-blue:
Pool Repainted





"Lyk nog mooi na 15 jaar!"

Hallo Gerhard

Hier is fotos van een van die swembaddens wat ek gaan doen. Dit is die een wat met julle produk 15 jaar terug gedoen is


Groete uit die bos

Frans van Rooyen

Epoxy coat after 15 years
15 Year Epoxy Coated Pool

pool re-painted
Click to enlarge


"Na 4 Jaar nog net so mooi!"

Ben Brooks
Palm Beach
DIY Installed : 2018

Click to enlarge

Click to enlarge


Beste Celene

Baie dankie vir julle vinnige diens met ons navraag oor jul produk. Ons het die voorraad binne n week ontvang.

Ons is regtig baie tevrede met jul produk en die eind resultaat van ons swembad.

Jul webtuiste is baie goed uiteengesit en verbruikers vriendelik.

Vind aangeheg fotos van ons swembad.

Vriendelike groete

Wiehelma Laing
DIY Installed Dec 2020

Click to enlarge

Click to enlarge


"Ek is so beindruk met julle diens."

Baie vriendelik, professioneel, betroubaar en vinnig. Ek het meer as een kwotasie vir ons swembad gekry, julle s'n was die goedkoopste en die eindresultaat lyk uitstekend.

Wilna Meintjes
Installed 2001



I originally used the DIY kit in 2008. Super impressed with how long it lasted. reapplying and hoping for another 12 years or more. Philip was quick to reply and showed great product knowledge with good detailed answers to my question about covering spider cracks and the original primer coat showing through. Delivery was quick and correct first time.

Luke Grant
First DIY applied 2008
Second DIY applied 2020

"I highly recommend the product and supplier"

What I can say is that both your epoxy coating pool product is proving its worth.  The documentation provided was user friendly.  And your feedback on issues was speedy and supportive.  Would I highly recommend the product and supplier/ Yes!

Andrew Bowden
Mossel Bay
DIY Installed 2018


"The product performed as promised: Our complex pool looks like new"
Super quick responce to email. Valuble advice. Accurate quantity and costing. Sanding disks supplied a bonus. Super fast delivery. THE BEST BIT: The product performed as promised. Thanks Guys

Kind Regards

Ant Page
Oct 2020

"astounded at the excellent service I got from them"

Some ten years ago Pool Solutions repainted my swimming pool. Now ten years later I once again contracted them to repaint the swimming pool again.

As before, they did an excellent job. They arrived on the day they promised they would, did even more than what they quoted for and left me ,again, astounded at the excellent service I got from them.

Celene is to be complimented on how her company is managed and run on a day by day basis. I can recommend Pool Solutions any time any day.

Roelf Coertze
Glen Austin
Installed 2001

"the product provided by them does not know its match in the market"

I wanted to refurbish my black marble lite pool. The requirement was to turn it into a normal blue pool. The obvious solution was to use Pool Solutions and the epoxy paint they are known for.

From my previous experience the product provided by them does not know its match in the market. The request to do the job was executed with a high level of efficiency and customer care. It started with a fixed appointment that they kept. They actually arrived on time. This type of service is unknown to the general South African citizen.

Attention to detail was excellent and the finished product superior. The value added part was the education provided on how to look after your pool on a day to day basis and thus protect your investment. This they based on many years of experience and one immediately could grasp that they are knowledgeable on the subject and what they are talking about. I can definitely vouched for the product and the service provided by Pool Solutions.

Rian Olivier
Installed 2001 and 2012



"10 years of Stunning Looks"

We applied Pool Solutions' Epoxy pool paint in a DIY kit form in 2001 believing that it would last about 3 years. The result was a stunning light blue pool that always looked clean. Due to the fact that the epoxy paint dries to a ceramic like finish, algae does not take hold and I believe you use less chemicals to maintain the pool's cleanliness. The 2001 application began to wear thin and tarnish in 2012 and we are about to re paint using the same product.

Weltevreden Park
Installed 2001 and 2012




"You have a fantastic product and customer service".

Phillip answered my emails faster than some people answer their telephones. He even assisted me over the weekends! I will be recommending the product to everyone :)

Koos de Beer
Villeria, Pretoria





"Professionalism and high standard of workmanship displayed" - by our registered contractors:

Dear Gerhard,

I take this opportunity to thank A&L Maintenance for their professionalism and high standard of workmanship displayed when attending to our pool repairs.

We have in the past had various contractors who did absolutely shoddy work or simply failed to show.

Attie and his team were always on time, prepared and extremely helpful. Their work area was consistently clean and their staff friendly and well informed.

After the previous disappointments we were relieved to find a team who still pride themselves on excellent customer service and an end product that exceeded our expectations.

Please extend our sincere thanks to your contractor and thank you for the recommendation.

Kind regards

Riana and Righard
Palm Hollander Attorneys






Herewith an updated photo of my pool since I repainted it.

Its fantastic ,and so is your product.
I only use a floater and once a month a cup of HTH in the summer

Kind Regards

W. Smith


"My absolute satisfaction with the excellent service"

Good afternoon Phillip

I would like to share my absolute satisfaction with the excellent service that you / Pool Solutions provided to the present.

I received honest, professional advice and information from day one. Your product knowledge enforced a sense of mind and I couldn't feel other than that

I made the right decision to continue your / pool solutions product and service.

Thank you very much for the kind manner in which you like to share knowledge, even if it's just a short telephone conversation.

I am attaching a few pictures to this in illustration of the before and after product

Kind regards
Eben, Nelie and The Law.
April 2021



"I can give these guys a BIG high 5!!!!"

What a Brilliant Product.
What brilliant service from the PTA staff/Owners!!!!

I am so glad I never decided to go with Fibre lining my gunite/marbelite pool. I can give these guys a BIG high 5!!!!

Eric Andrews



"The pool looks wonderful"

From the first phone call Philip Smit was pleasant and completely helpful. He convinced me that it was possible to do the renovation myself, and with a few follow up calls to him for advice , the pool its finished and looks wonderful. Thank You

Michael Donnelly


His work ethic is amazing

I just want to thank you for giving me the phone number of the worker (Brian) that helped me with my DIY pool paint project.

He is a true asset for your Company, he is punctual, well spoken, respectful and to top it all really knows his job.  His work ethic is amazing, he scrapped and sanded down the whole pool and before going to bed he cleaned the whole area.  He was up again at 06h00 and ready to work.

It is not often I throw bouquets but he is really an exceptional guy.

Kind regards

Lyna May



My DIY project photos -

The guys really assisted me well. I could call while I was coating my pool to get assistance. Due to the remoteness of the area from the supplier I needed to do the work myself. It took me 5 days, but the job got done.

Go and check out the project on:

Cobus Steenkamp


Dit het my hoogste verwagtinge oortref

Ek het 22 Januarie 2015 my swembad se verf bestel en in Februarie die bad laat verf deur Brian. Brian het eerstens my totaal oorbluf met sy profesionele optrede en sy algemene handel en wandel.

Alhoewel die bad nou minder as ‘n maand terug gedoen is, sal daar iets drasties fout moet gaan om my opinie oor die produk te verander. Dit het my hoogste verwagtinge oortref.

“Well done” aan jou en jou span.
Ek werk al 19 jaar in die hardeware bedryf en jy kan my enige tyd as verwysing opsit.
Ek sal jou produk aan enige persoon aanbeveel wat my vra wat is die beste “Pool Paint” en ek verkoop ander tipe verf vir ‘n lewe.

Jacques Spangenberg
Pretoria, Montana



Before swimming pool painted
Click to enlarge

Sanding before painting pool
Click to enlarge

Final Result
Final Pool Painted
Click to enlarge

Ons het hierdie swembad gedoen met julle produk. Duidelik kan gesien word hoe goed dit nou lyk.

Ek wil hierdie wonderlike produk begin bemark.

Jacques Mouton
Kempton Park

Installed 2009





Nog 'n DIY Projek Terugvoer:

Net so bietjie terugvoer op die herstel en opknapping van my swembad.

Ek het laas jaar die huis gekoop met wat ek gedink het is 'n ou veselglas swembad. Dit het toe uitgedraai as 'n selfgeboude bad met swak afwerking!!

Na julle produk is ek nou heel in my skik en trots met die bad!

Foto-aanbieding van my DIY projek kan hier afgelaai word
André Krause

Installed 2008





"Challenging DIY Report"

Conclusion: The product is very good for DIY application, when you have some technical skills. To mix always 2 l for direct use is easy to handle, to follow tediously the instructions is necessary, to be flexible with weather & helpers, and make sure that the pool is 100% dry, dry, dry. The preparation is the utmost important exercise in order to get a perfect result.
So far we enjoy the "new" pool now everyday.

DIY Pool Paint Report

Download this detailed report: Click here





DIY Project Feedback

Dear Pool Solutions,

Please see attached photo of my pool after the paint-job.

Many thanks to Celene Smit for your prompt delivery of my orders and I look forward to referring many customers to you.

Thanks and regards

Praveen Dwarika
Craighall Park, JHB

Click on photo to enlarge:

Another DIY painted swimming pool


"Thank You For a Product That Lives up to Your Promises"

Hello Pool Solutions,

About 2 years ago I painted my pool with your product and whilst it was not an easy job ,which I did almost single handed , I am absolutely delighted with the result and am continually complimented on the sparkling pool which , as you claim, uses dramatically less chemicals than before.

Thank you for a product that lives up to your promises


Installation 2010


"What a beautifull outcome to my pool"

Hi Celene,

Thank you very much for the wonderfull product that i bought from you guys earlier this year.

I started with the grinding of the pool last friday and with the primer yesterday and finish with the topcoats today.

What a beautifull outcome to my pool. I hereby include before and after photos of my pool.

Thank you very much again.
John Summers





"The quality of craftsmanship was excellent"

I had my pool for +- 14 years and the stains were just too much. I tried various chemicals to clean the pool with no success. Algae were a major problem and no matter how hard I tried to curb the rapid growth thereof, I wasn't very successful. I was quit desperate and almost re-marbled the pool at a very costly price. Then I saw an advertisement of Pool Solutions.

Pool Solutions renovated my pool in 2005. I must say they did a brilliant job! My pool looks like new one and unlike the past, it now is a focus point of the garden. I have no hesitation in recommending their service. Not only was the work done quickly, but the quality of craftsmanship was excellent. I had to refer their service to my friends who subsequent also made use of their services with much satisfaction.

If you feel that you have reached the end of the road with your swimming pool, don’t give up…..give Pool Solutions a call. Like I say: “Cry now, and swim tomorrow”.

Thanks you guys.

Faan Rossouw
Installation 2005

"my absolute tevredenheid met die puik diens"

Goeie middag Phillip

Ek wil graag my absolute tevredenheid met die puik diens wat julle/Pool Solutions tot op hede gelewer het meedeel.

Ek het vanaf dag een eerlike, professionele raad en inligting ontvang. Julle produk kennis het 'n gevoel van gemoedsrus afgedwing en ek kon nie anders as voel dat ek die regte besluit geneem het om  met julle /pool solutions produk en diens voort te gaan nie.

Baie dankie vir die vriendelike wyse waarop jy graag kennis deel, selfs al is dit net 'n kort telefoon gesprek.

Ek heg graag 'n paar fotos hierby aan ter illustrasie van die before en after produk

Vriendelike groete
Eben, Nelie en De Wet.



"Ons het lanklaas met 'n firma te doen gekry, wat begin werk, en dit klaar maak"

Baie dankie,

Ons swembad lyk pragtig. Ons het lanklaas met 'n firma te doen gekry, wat begin werk, en dit klaar maak.

Skip en sy werkers was fantasties! 'n Mens kan sien hulle ken hulle werk!


Fanie & Corlia Mare
Pretoria Noord

"Wonderful experience in dealing with your company"

About a month ago I made contact with your company to do an inquiry about your pool paint.

On phoning yourself and your wife ,I was very impressed with the service I get from your company ,with that I bought your product .

I can say wow what a product and it really works well and even if you are a DIY man it is so easy to use .

I have attached some pics of pool that if you like ,you can use on your website or portfolio .

Once again many thanks for all the assistance and wonderful experience in dealing with your company.

Keith Brougham-Cook
Installation 2014

One very extremely happy client...

Celéne  and Philip, I would like to thank you for this product, my pool is looking better than the day I moved into my house. I am impressed with your product and most of all the service you gave me.

In a cut throat business like this you don’t get the quality of service you provided. I wish your business every success imaginable.

One very extremely happy client, big ups to you guy’s.

Shawn Cannel
Bryanston, JHB

Grinding the Pool

Swimming Pool Epoxy-coated