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DURING 1997, being a pool owner for many years, I had enough of the constant troubles keeping a marble plastered swimming pool clean and shiny.  When a friend started a business manufacturing high quality epoxy paints and coatings, he showed me their products and told me that these epoxies are used for coating the hulls of large sea vessels,  I thought:  "If this could work on ship's hulls in the harsh conditions of the ocean, why not on my swimming pool?

My Swimming Pool PaintedWe started testing the swimming pool paint and the results were amazing. We started marketing the product to home-owners. This cost-saving solution offered to swimming pool owners became a family business.

All went well for a year, then disaster struck! The factory closed down due to problems between the partners of the business. It left us without a good product. I knew back then that this sought-after solution couldn't be left to die. My swimming pool was a breeze to maintain with the gloss, enamel epoxy paint and this cost-effective solution could revolutionize the swimming pool refurbishing industry!

We tried other pool paint products from a few other epoxy suppliers, trying one product after the other, costing us thousands in "school fees". The quality was just not what we had before. After-sale service and support was almost non-exsistent. The formulations were rather intended and developed many years earlier for the epoxy floor-coating industry and it did not perform well under these conditions.

Desperate to found a trustworthy solution, I started my own research into the composition and specifications of the chemical ingredients used in these older epoxy solutions. While reverse engineering these traditional formulations, I came to realize why these products were failing under certain conditions.

After months of research, and with the help of epoxy industry experts, I started implementing the latest technologies available in the epoxy industry into new formulations. With the new formulations we were successful in overcomming the many problems relating

This research took me a year and a small fortune, but we started out with our own improved and industry-customised epoxy pool paint that gave us the advantage and the breakthroughs we have hoped for. We can now offer a quality and trustworthy product to the swimming pool market again.

The test panels we used in 2003 are still available and after years of exposure to outside weather, the difference in performance can clearly be seen. Visit our Product Info page to see the test results.

The demand increased rapidly as more as more satisfied customers started spreading the message, discovering the advantages of a quality epoxy system developed and targeted specifically for the swimming pool market.

Today we proudly offer our clients one of the best and most durable epoxy coatings on the market for swimming pools, at a very affordable price.

Our business is situated in Pretoria and is still owned and managed by myself, my wife and eldest son.  To ensure that we stay in contact with the end-user and to constantly improve on our methods and product quality, we operate 4 installation teams in the Pretoria region.

We supply wholesale to several dealers and also sell directly from our factory to DIY enthusiats country wide.